Monday, January 4, 2010

Building Bridges Reflections...

Working in a team is definitely much different than working alone.
A team has more members than doing it yourselves.With more members,
there are more minds to think,plan,design,and build.They would be able to
build the movable bridge much more easier and faster.

Thus,i feel excited,happy and a little disappointed.I felt excited and happy because i will be able to plan,build,discuss,research with people i do not know.I will then be able to make friends and
can easily connect with my classmates.I felt disappointed because i thought that the bridge would be alright without me being the reporter.(as I was very good in my arts and craft.i like building things as well.)

I think my interaction with my members is very bad.Thus,the entire planning and design of the
bridge is very bad.

I have learnt how the bridge is constructed and the concepts behind it.I would have planned,design and build with my classmates not just concentrating on my works and help one another with our role.I help my friends and my friends will help me back in the future.

Yes i did experienced a fear when my friends build the bridge.The towers might not be able to hold the string and the load will collapse.

I overcome it because I believe in my friends(the engineers) that they would solve the problem
on time and would make a better job than the teachers.

Unfortunately,I WAS WRONG!!!. Not only did they not solve the problem they make the bridge even worse and weaker of course. I wish they would rebuild the bridge and make the bridge a stronger structure int his coming days...

I hope I WAS RIGHT this time!!!

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