Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Visit to RED DOT museum

What I learnt:

Each design has its own purpose:For example the design below... ...

The purpose of this innovation is about reducing the wastage.To reduce the wastage to the minimal.Helps to save money during economic crisis and save the earth.To use the left-over toothpaste.

Let's find out why this saves money:

If the amount of left-over toothpaste cost 1 cents and everyone in the world uses it.
about 4 billion x 1 cents would be a few million dollars which could even open more than 10 shops in orchard road...

If this amount is saved per day,we would be able to make a large sum of money.

or maybe the wastage is only 1/100 of the entire toothpaste which means we could make an extra toothpaste from the wastage of the 100 toothpaste which also means we save around $2 for every 100 person buying toothpaste and also save the plastic which is non biodegradable.

Each design is very special and has its usefulness.
It could be using waste energy to turn it into useful energy for usage.
It could be about reusing,recycling or reduce
It could be just for entertainment,emotional,social,physical needs.
It could be making things more efficient
Saves manpower

Each design can be very complicated
Most of them are not eco-friendly
The design can change the efficiency and usefulness of the product

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Math Performance Task

This is the map routes for bus 165
done by:ME

View bus 165 in a larger map

This is the map routes for bus 96.
doen by:ME

View bus 96 in a larger map

This is the map routes for bus 166 for DIRECTION 1 and 2.
done by:ME

There are 2 directions(pls do not be confused)

View bus 166 in a larger map

Friday, February 19, 2010



Friday, January 8, 2010

The VERY tiring CAMP


What are the three main points you have learnt?
How can all this pointers be of help to you?

I think that the three main points in this CAMP is:
-Don't forget the little ones

Respect is very important.Each and everyone of us
must respect each other.When you respect one
another,the team would be able to work more
faster and easier.And the work could be completed
even faster than a team with more members but
do not respect each other.

''Coming together is the beginning,
Staying together is the progress,
Working together is a success''

said by RIO the camp chief(after the night walk 07/01/10)


said by Mr Lum(08/01/10 at the MPH)

The quotes above i think would help me in future
when there is another team work activities.

Sometimes even little problems ended up
in BIG TROUBLES.(like our team flag)
Though it is only a Flag it could actually end up
losing our team's points.Next time,i think i would pay
attention to them.

If you were to have another chance to try all the activities,
which one will you choose?Why?

I would choose the flying fox.Although it is very
frightening at the beginning because it is very high but it
was very fun to slide down.

If there is one thing you would like to change about change
about yourselves,what would that be?

Nothing.I am very happy with myself.Everyone of us have
our own strengths and weakness which is what make us
unique,special and different from others.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The AMAZING race!!!

''Expanding Our Learning Networks''

In this amazing race today(6/1/10),What I understand about my last school values
is that I think that it meant to expanding our learning borders.Learning does not necessarily
start in school(which is SST).It could be anywhere.(Hawker Centre,Parks,Supermarkets and
so on....)By Expanding our learning networks I believe,will increase our knowledge and experience.

This value is very important.It will not only increase our knowledge,it could actually change our beliefs and your attitude towards something.This will then change your personal attitude towards learning and will strive better every time.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Reflections on Team Building Challenge...

Well to say,i understand a lot about the school value ''forging excellence''.
Since one of my primary school values is ''excellence''.In my opinion,excellence
is to excel.To excel and do my best in my studies and everything else...(like leadership)

I think my strengths are my ability,determination and perseverance that help me achieve my goals and dreams(excellence as well i think...)

I think knowledge and intelligence plays as art as well.It would definitely be perfect to have everything...But things aren't perfect in life.....

I think I can contribute to the class in my presentations skills.I don't have much ideas myself.
Thus, I think I can present the ideas instead of thinking!!!

Google Maps

View Shopping in a larger map

I,myself,have not tried the google maps nor putting it inside the post.
Well,today it is my first time using it.It is SO COOL!!!
I would teach them to my relatives and friends.i wonder what lies ahead in my journey in SST.