Friday, January 8, 2010

The VERY tiring CAMP


What are the three main points you have learnt?
How can all this pointers be of help to you?

I think that the three main points in this CAMP is:
-Don't forget the little ones

Respect is very important.Each and everyone of us
must respect each other.When you respect one
another,the team would be able to work more
faster and easier.And the work could be completed
even faster than a team with more members but
do not respect each other.

''Coming together is the beginning,
Staying together is the progress,
Working together is a success''

said by RIO the camp chief(after the night walk 07/01/10)


said by Mr Lum(08/01/10 at the MPH)

The quotes above i think would help me in future
when there is another team work activities.

Sometimes even little problems ended up
in BIG TROUBLES.(like our team flag)
Though it is only a Flag it could actually end up
losing our team's points.Next time,i think i would pay
attention to them.

If you were to have another chance to try all the activities,
which one will you choose?Why?

I would choose the flying fox.Although it is very
frightening at the beginning because it is very high but it
was very fun to slide down.

If there is one thing you would like to change about change
about yourselves,what would that be?

Nothing.I am very happy with myself.Everyone of us have
our own strengths and weakness which is what make us
unique,special and different from others.

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