Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Visit to RED DOT museum

What I learnt:

Each design has its own purpose:For example the design below... ...

The purpose of this innovation is about reducing the wastage.To reduce the wastage to the minimal.Helps to save money during economic crisis and save the earth.To use the left-over toothpaste.

Let's find out why this saves money:

If the amount of left-over toothpaste cost 1 cents and everyone in the world uses it.
about 4 billion x 1 cents would be a few million dollars which could even open more than 10 shops in orchard road...

If this amount is saved per day,we would be able to make a large sum of money.

or maybe the wastage is only 1/100 of the entire toothpaste which means we could make an extra toothpaste from the wastage of the 100 toothpaste which also means we save around $2 for every 100 person buying toothpaste and also save the plastic which is non biodegradable.

Each design is very special and has its usefulness.
It could be using waste energy to turn it into useful energy for usage.
It could be about reusing,recycling or reduce
It could be just for entertainment,emotional,social,physical needs.
It could be making things more efficient
Saves manpower

Each design can be very complicated
Most of them are not eco-friendly
The design can change the efficiency and usefulness of the product

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